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Did you know?

  • The stomach of crocodile has a size of football ball, he eats little, but many times per day.
  • Hippo weights 3,2 tones and is one of the heaviest land mammals.
  • Giraffe is one of the rare animals that have horns at birth.
  • The elephants walk on tiptoe, because under their heel they have thick layer of fat.
  • The biggest snakes of the world can eat a human in one time and a meal lasts for one year.
  • Flamingos get the color of their feathers because of their specific nutrition.
  • African elephant can run faster then a human and can walk several hours without any rest.
  • In first year of hippo’s life 45% of them die.
  • Shark is swimming with average speed of 3km/h and maximum speed of 95 km/h.
  • Giraffe has a same number of vertebrae like most of the mammals, but theirs are much longer.
  • Bushbabies got a name because of their sounds that reminded first explorers of crying babies.
  • Elephants communicate through vibrations that they make by hitting the ground with their feet.
  • Most of the elephants sleep standing and only 2-3 hours per day.
  • Hippo can stay 5 minutes under the water-surface and can even run on the bottom of the lake.
  • The biggest known shark in the world was 13 meters long and had 15 tones
  • Leopard likes to drink water everyday, but he can stay without it up to one month.
  • Wild elephant can eat 230 kg of food and drink 125 liters of water per day sometimes at once.
  • Near relative of African ostrich is South American nandu and Australian emus.
  • Ostrich, zebra and giraffe can kill with their kick even the mighty lion.
  • Turtles, birds and crocs like to rest on the backs of hippos.
  • African tribes are hunting bushbabies by leaving a palm wine in the forest and collecting drunk animals from it.
  • Warthog can run 50 km/h and they are very skillful to defend themselves.
  • The head of the rhino weights 200 kg.
  • Black leopard or Panther was first considered as different species, but in same family can be puppies of normal and black colour.
  • The biggest turtle in the world is belonging to the species of leatherback and weights 752 kg.
  • The grey rat is living everywhere in the world except polar countries. One couple can have up to 800 babies in just one year.
  • Insect-eating bats produce ultrasound of very high frequency, with echoes that bounce back, they get all necessary information.
  • One of the most shamefaced animals in area of high and low tide is octopus.
  • The longest recorded jump of bushbaby from one branch to another was more then 7 meters.
  • From 1830 on each year 10 to 30 thousand slaves were sold at slave market on Zanzibar.
  • Coconut palm can live up to 100 years but can reproduce only 20 years.
  • Warthog’s only enemies are lion and leopard.
  • In darkness leopard can see 6 times and hear 2 times better then human.
  • Monkey species of red colobus are living only in forest Jozani on Zanzibar Island.
  • Cheetahs are running 120 km/h, but only 20 seconds. This is still enough for successful hunting.
  • Insectivorous bats obtain most of the water they need from their prey, cave bats can lick up condensation.

Giraffe’s fighting

In National Park Manyara there were 4 giraffes fighting. In some moments fight was serious, then again it looked like we are watching more pushing then fighting. The fight lasted for very long time, more then half an hour.

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Warthog scratching himself

In the morning we found warthog scratching every cm of its body. It took a lot of time for such a important task and did it very carefully.

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Hyena with a prey

Among hyenas females are the one hunting and feeding the whole family. After catching a prey, hyenas are eating a lot and their stomach gets really big. There is no doubt that hyena on our video just finished a big meal.

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Hyena sleeping in mud

In the middle of the Ngorongoro Crater we found a hyena lying in a mud and having an afternoon rest. She was maybe 1 meter away from the road and didn't care about noisy cars.

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Ostrich chasing hyena

This was one of the funniest things we saw in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It was a nice day, a little bit tired hyena was heading somewhere and in a distance there was also ostrich family. Hyena was not close to them and was not expecting the attack of the male ostrich, but he was disturbed by her and started first to walk towards hyena, but the rest you can see on our video.

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Lions making love

A lion mating is something extraordinary, even more if involves big male and is happening just in front of you. Lioness was lying one meter from our car and big male maybe five meters away. They mate for 3 days, every 6-7 minutes on a first day and each mating lasts 10 seconds. On a last day mating is every 20 or 30 minutes.

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Hyenas making love

Female hyena is usually bigger, heavier and stronger then male. Female is hunting, take care of the family and male’s main role is mating. In our case male was trying hard, but was very tired, so mating was finished quite fast.

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Zebras playing

When zebras are playing they are not always gentle, they can kick and bite, so injures while playing are possible.

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Lioness with cubs

There were two lionesses probably sisters and three cubs. First it looked like all three cubs belong to one of females that started to cross grassland and all three cubs followed lioness. But soon the other lioness look very irritated and started to call cubs to come back.

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Gentle lionesses

When you see lioness it's almost certain she's with her sister. They stay together, hunt and take care of the cubs together. Two sisters we found in Serengeti National Park. They were lying not far from the road and just relaxing, enjoying, playing and being extremely gentle to each other…

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Serval looking for a prey

One of the smallest cats you can find in Tanzanian national parks is serval. Usually grass is quite high and you need good and skilled guide to spot it. We found it while he was listening very carefully and observing surrounding for any kind of prey that might make his stomach full.

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Elephants and lionesses

Lionesses were sleeping in a grass while elephant family started to approach. At some point one of the lionesses did check what is happening and who is coming. Also female elephant leading the elephant family was aware of the neighbours, but they are not afraid of each other.

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Lioness after catching a prey

Far from main road there were two lionesses. A few minutes ago they finished hunting and one of the lionesses was lying next to a kill (it was a zebra) and protecting it, the other one was sitting around 50 meters away on a small hill with a better view, observing if predator is coming. She was tired and still with blood around her mouth. They were waiting for the lion to eat first.

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Fighting giraffes

Without seeing is difficult to imagine, but giraffes are fighting in special way, they are trying to hit each other with a neck. In action their neck looks like an elastic or lasso thrown by a cowboy.

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Elephant taking a bath

The elephant family was resting close to the river and there were some holes that they dig up for fun. In one of them little elephant was taking a fast muddy bath to cool down and get some fun.

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Zebras in danger

It was a dry season and all the animals were seeking for rare source of water among them also zebras. They found water, went to drink and always made a strong front line. Every now and then they escaped with full speed. After a while we realized there is a crocodile in water, waiting to catch one of them.

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Lion checking a car

On a very hot day most of the cats are resting in a shadow. Young male lion was lying very close to the jeeps. At some point he stood up and made a circle around and between vehicles, checking one a little bit more, the rest more from a safe distance. He was using a shadow of the cars to cool down.

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Cheetah loosing a prey

There was a female cheetah with three adult cubs that probably left their mum soon after we saw them. They caught an antelope and they were just having a meal. Unfortunately the smell of the prey reached hyena and she was running fast to get it before cheetahs finish everything. Cubs were trying to escape with a kill, but it was too heavy and they were too weak to fight against hyena for a kill, so eventually they had to let good.

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Buffalos afraid of the lion cubs

A big lion family was resting in the middle of the day. After a while a group of old buffalo males started to walk in their direction. It was not sure who is going to show the power and push the opponent away. It could be buffalos or it could be lions but at the end young curious cubs started to walk towards buffalos that got scared and started to run as much as they could.

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