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Did you know?

  • The stomach of crocodile has a size of football ball, he eats little, but many times per day.
  • Hippo weights 3,2 tones and is one of the heaviest land mammals.
  • Giraffe is one of the rare animals that have horns at birth.
  • The elephants walk on tiptoe, because under their heel they have thick layer of fat.
  • The biggest snakes of the world can eat a human in one time and a meal lasts for one year.
  • Flamingos get the color of their feathers because of their specific nutrition.
  • African elephant can run faster then a human and can walk several hours without any rest.
  • In first year of hippo’s life 45% of them die.
  • Shark is swimming with average speed of 3km/h and maximum speed of 95 km/h.
  • Giraffe has a same number of vertebrae like most of the mammals, but theirs are much longer.
  • Bushbabies got a name because of their sounds that reminded first explorers of crying babies.
  • Elephants communicate through vibrations that they make by hitting the ground with their feet.
  • Most of the elephants sleep standing and only 2-3 hours per day.
  • Hippo can stay 5 minutes under the water-surface and can even run on the bottom of the lake.
  • The biggest known shark in the world was 13 meters long and had 15 tones
  • Leopard likes to drink water everyday, but he can stay without it up to one month.
  • Wild elephant can eat 230 kg of food and drink 125 liters of water per day sometimes at once.
  • Near relative of African ostrich is South American nandu and Australian emus.
  • Ostrich, zebra and giraffe can kill with their kick even the mighty lion.
  • Turtles, birds and crocs like to rest on the backs of hippos.
  • African tribes are hunting bushbabies by leaving a palm wine in the forest and collecting drunk animals from it.
  • Warthog can run 50 km/h and they are very skillful to defend themselves.
  • The head of the rhino weights 200 kg.
  • Black leopard or Panther was first considered as different species, but in same family can be puppies of normal and black colour.
  • The biggest turtle in the world is belonging to the species of leatherback and weights 752 kg.
  • The grey rat is living everywhere in the world except polar countries. One couple can have up to 800 babies in just one year.
  • Insect-eating bats produce ultrasound of very high frequency, with echoes that bounce back, they get all necessary information.
  • One of the most shamefaced animals in area of high and low tide is octopus.
  • The longest recorded jump of bushbaby from one branch to another was more then 7 meters.
  • From 1830 on each year 10 to 30 thousand slaves were sold at slave market on Zanzibar.
  • Coconut palm can live up to 100 years but can reproduce only 20 years.
  • Warthog’s only enemies are lion and leopard.
  • In darkness leopard can see 6 times and hear 2 times better then human.
  • Monkey species of red colobus are living only in forest Jozani on Zanzibar Island.
  • Cheetahs are running 120 km/h, but only 20 seconds. This is still enough for successful hunting.
  • Insectivorous bats obtain most of the water they need from their prey, cave bats can lick up condensation.


The most beautiful part of Sahara


1. Day: Paris - Agadez

The best flight connections to Agadez are from Paris. Take a flight to Niger, the land of volcanic mountains, nomadic tribes, green oasis, towns in the middle of the desert and numerous camels. Niger's fabulous landscape and sparsity of population is perfect choice for adventurers. Upon arrival to the Agadez take an airport transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon a short walk in a city, formal post for traveling caravans. The most important religion in Niger is Islam, so take a look at the biggest mosque in the city built in 1844. Visit a main market and look at the craftsman shops for some hand made products. Walk to always crowd camel market or animal market. Before dinner in the city have a walk through the old part of the city. Stay overnight at the hotel.

2. Day: Agadez - Aïr Mountains

The adventure of your life starts on second day. After breakfast depart with 4-wheel drives to the south-east part of Aïr Mountains to reach the settlements of nomadic tribe of Tuareg. Mountains Aïr are one of the most spectacular sites of West Africa. Splendid landscape with numerous colors takes a breath away to all travelers. The mountain is the starting point for most of the camel-caravans heading towards Sahara desert. Stay overnight in a tent or sleeping bag at the foot of the mountain.

3. - 5. Day: hiking (up to 1700 meters above sea level)

Start your 3-days hiking with camels (used only to carry luggage) in the Bagzane Mountains. Bagzane Mountain is one of the most particular places of Aïr Mountain, different from other parts of the region because of isolated life organized at the top of this basalt massif. There, local population has reached a relative economical self-independence with gardens’ exploitation. Each step will be awarded with wonderful views, but the best one is to see marvelous Ténéré desert, a pearl in Niger and one of the best places in Africa. The second day make a hiking on altitude 1500-1700 meters to observe extraordinary landscape, rocky mountains, excellent arranged gardens and villages, meet with friendly local people and get to know their everyday life. Last day start to descent from the mountains, reach our vehicles and continue desert adventure.

6. - 7. Day: oasis of Aïr Mountains

For the next two days you will be traveling with jeeps (4WD), continue to enjoy the beauty of the Aïr Mountains. It covers together with desert Ténéré 80.000 km of protected area and from 1991 it is protected as UNESCO world heritage. Most of your trip will be inside of protected area. During a day observe Aïr Mountains, search for vadis and take a break in oasis. Some people are calling them oasis of peace. Green oases are places, where locals are growing vegetable, grapes, citrus fruits etc. They have wonderful gardens and you will be invited to visit one of them. Make also a short walk to nearby waterfall and in the evening enjoy delicious dinner of your cooks.

8. Day: Iwelen

This day make a trip to the valley of Neolithic tombs that look a bit like small craters. Your guide will explain you history and migration of peoples in this region. It is well known that the region was settled down from year 1500 BC to 8th Century. The early presence of the human beings is proved by cave engravings showing wild tropical life. The rest of the day you can enjoy visiting the biggest and most beautiful sand dunes in Sahara desert. Some of the sand dunes reach more then 300 meters in height and are excellent for walks and splendid photos. As the saying goes, the mystical desert changes the personality of every traveler.

9. - 10. Day: Blue Mountains - Arrakao

In the morning we will set out the sand dunes of Sahara and continue in direction to the Blue Mountains. This route is one of the best in a desert, you will be surrounded by sand dunes and driving is a real pleasure. We will make more stops to enjoy the sandy desert and to make some walks to the colorful dunes. In the afternoon and early evening you will have excellent conditions for some fabulous photos. The different colors of daylight in combination with a desert are making marvelous views.

11. - 12. Day: Arrakao

Most of the day we will spend in Arrakao, where you can find phenomenal »symbiosis« of black volcanic hills and desert sand. There is a narrow valley filled with sand as result of the strong wind blowing in this region. Climb to the top of sand dunes to see the view on the mountain range, visit Anankom and the drawings of early settlers. Find out more about Sahara desert itself, life in a desert and spreading of Sahara desert in Niger.

13. - 14. Day: Tiguidit - Agadez

It is time to return to Agadez. We will leave a sandy desert behind and drive through the rocky one. There will be enough time to make photos, to have a short walk or picnic in special areas. One of the picnics will take place at Tiguidit, site of cave engravings and fossil wood. Arrival in Agadez on the second day at the end of the afternoon, settle down at the hotel and have a diner.

15. Day: Agadez - Paris

After breakfast take a short walk in a city by yourself, take time for some shopping and find a nice souvenir for your family. Transfer to the airport.




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